Content truly is king.

To drive truly effective learning, your organisation needs a foundation of rich, current, and insightful content from savvy thought-leaders who know their stuff like no one else. Through our partners, we bring you access to the world’s most sought-after learning content.



Provide a diverse and engaging learning experience through a variety of digital formats:

1. Sessions

Short, digital learning modules targeting measurable skill acquisition in all fields of management, leadership and personal effectiveness. Our state-of- the-art partner Sessions have received multiple awards throughout the world for their innovative format and scope.


2. Videocasts

Using a storytelling-based learning design to ensure engagement, our videocasts are carefully crafted with one goal: to inspire and empower the learner to take real action through the insights of thought leaders and experts.

3. Essentials

A fully-fledged learning tool, Essentials are clear, concise written files designed to help learners grasp the essence of a technique or a management concept in just a few minutes.


4. Action Tips

Transform knowledge into real-life skills, behaviours and attitudes. Action Tips help your team easily put concepts into practice.


5. Book Summaries

Delivering knowledge via concise summaries of the latest, sharpest and most relevant business books.

6. Animated Videos

Animated content in an easy-to- digest format – condensing all the blogs, white papers and articles that you don’t have time for, helping your team get the take-away and remember it.

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