Q. How does Kinross Gold Corporation invest in its people and develop leaders, through its desire to develop and recruit within?

A. A key part of Kinross’ leadership development strategy is creating the Kinross University learning platform. This underpins the company’s education initiative “Leadership the Kinross Way” through its collaboration with Janison.

Kinross Gold Corporation was looking for a partner to help it provide online guidance, support and training for its employees.


The global mining company’s initiative, “Leadership The Kinross Way,” targets learning areas which are vitally important to the organisation, developing leaders and investing in its people, which will help set the company up for future success.



Janison collaborated with Kinross to take the great talent from within the company to the next level. A key to rolling out Leadership The Kinross Way was the creation of Kinross University, an online repository of learning content that can be accessed by staff at any time on any device.


Kinross University drives leadership through a combination of videos, short courses and other resources, which are organised under 12 core leadership capabilities. Employees can access this educational material at any time and for any duration: they can spend five minutes, or three hours.


The platform makes use of social and interactive tools designed specifically to help boost and reward user engagement. These tools include gamification, in which staff win points for completing training packages, the ability to contribute to the learning of others, and the option to submit content for inclusion in the University. As employees participate in courses and accumulate points, they progress to higher levels and achievements within the system.


Users experience a personalised learning journey from the moment they log on to the University. The system prompts team members for their interests and basic information and uses this to build their profile and tailor content based on their needs and interests.


As with any global organisation, language accessibility was essential for the Kinross project. Janison created the Kinross University solution to support multilingual users, delivering content in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.


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