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21st Century  

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Building 21st Century Skills

To succeed in a progressive economy our service workers require
21st Century skills to succeed

Ways of thinking

Creativity & innovation

Critical thinking, problem-
solving, decision-making 

Learning to learn metacognition

Ways of working



Tools for working

Information literacy

Information & Communication 
Technology Literacy

Living in the world

Citizenship - local & global

Life & Career

Personal & social responsibility including Cultural awareness and competence

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Westpac Group are revolutionising the way employees learn, bringing true self-directed learning to life...

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"It really is providing an amazing opportunity for our staff to direct their personal development and to connect with others to learn, teach and share. Our staff are now enabled to take the next step in their learning journey.” -Christine Parker, Group Executive Human Resources and Corporate Affairs at Westpac

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Is your organisation 21st Century ready? The 5 questions you need to ask yourself....

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