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We equip your staff with the skills they need to stand out. Use the power of learning to both unlock the potential of your team and achieve compliance. Subscribe to the world’s most sought-after content, or let us help you build your own.

“Janison has made it possible for us to deliver ethics education to children across NSW through their customisable learning platform that gives our volunteers the information, training and support they need.”

Heidi McElnea, Communications Manager, Primary Ethics

All our online learning tools are:

Tailored and focused on your business priorities. Highly engaging – both in content and its delivery mechanisms
Optimised to minimise cost and maximise the benefits to you. Watch to find out more.


What we do

Content truly is king

To drive truly effective learning, your organisation needs a foundation of rich, current, and insightful content from savvy thought-leaders who know their stuff like no one else. Through our partners, we bring you access to the world’s most sought-after learning content.

Our Technology

Learning portals

We deliver your message and content to your employees in a clean and user-friendly interface. Managers can track their team’s progress and minimise compliance risk.

Social learning

Social learning makes learning fun, collaborative and motivates users by including leaderboards and challenges.

Monetising and multi-tenancy

Buy once, deliver to many. Our customisable platform allows capacity for multi-tenancy and scalability which will maximise your investment.

Mobile learning

The Janison Learning Platform is available anytime, anywhere and on any device – it will automatically recognise the user’s browser and device, making loss of functionality a thing of the past.

Cloud-based learning management system

The Janison Learning Platform delivers eLearning in the most cost-effective and flexible way.

Learning campaigns

We offer an end-to-end package of services – from identifying your goals and user personas, to design and implementation, to monitoring and analytics.

Our Process

We work with you every step of the way, using a five-phase approach which guides you through every aspect of embedding a custom-learning solution.
We realise that every implementation is different, so we design an integrated solution that is right for you. Every time.

01. Architect

We start each program by investing the time to understand your business strategy and identify your learning priorities – whether that be to develop leaders, build functional skills, drive growth or future-proof your business. We explore your organisation’s unique context, propose options and work with you to design the most effective blueprint possible.

02. Create

We curate the best content that delivers on your business priorities and distribute it using technology that matches your blueprint. We build you a learning program that’s a true centrepiece, worthy of pride and excitement. We make it available anywhere, anytime and on any device – and integrate it into your existing environment. We’ll make sure it works well and looks exactly the way you want it to.

03. Launch

With thousands of successful launches under our belt, we know that there is only one chance to get it right. First impressions count. We’ll make sure that you know exactly what you are doing, now and in the months to come.  We will make you look good and get your learning program off on the right foot.

04. Engage

This is where rubber hits the road. We’ll help you drive your new learning program into the hearts and minds of your team at all levels, and align it with your business calendar. We will adapt and flex with your business needs. Business does not stand still – so neither can you, nor we.

05. Reflect

It’s always about the numbers. We’ll hold each other to account. We started the journey with you together and we will stay together, reflecting and improving as we go. We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to demonstrate ROI and celebrate in your success.

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