The Janison Learning Platform (CLS) is built to allow organisations to design and deliver online learning to their team and customers simply and quickly, across a variety of platforms and devices.

Our architecture is based on multitenant software design, while cloud-based hosting eliminates traditional scalability limits and opens new possibilities.

It allows you to set up multiple tenants (sub-tenants) quickly and create separate sites for specific clients with their own branding and identity. Its rapid online course development tools require little HTML knowledge and allow you to create dynamic, interactive and engaging online content.

Here are a few more of the features that set the Janison platform apart from other vendors:

1. Gamification and badges

The Janison Learning Platform has gamification features designed to engage your users from the instant they first log on.

The system awards points for completion and sharing training with others as well as submitting suggested training. Users can see a points table or leaderboard which allows them to compare their training to their colleagues’. They can also form communities of practice with peers who have similar learning interests. Staff who are at the top of the leaderboard are identified as experts.

Badges identify users who have completed certain training. Soon the platform will allow learners to share these badges through their social and professional networks.

2. Continuing professional development (CPD)

Janison Learning Platform’s easy-to-use interface allows you to create CPD plans for your team, and quickly get up and running by adding categories and assigning points to learning.

As team members complete courses or move through content, the system automatically updates their CPD points and gives instant feedback on their progress towards required CPD total points, as well as individual points goals.

The Janison Learning Platform also allows content to be packaged in a manner that establishes learning pathways. Managers can use these pathways to identify hidden talents within teams and/or form a key part of performance reviews. They can also allow staff to hone specific skillsets by learning from content by some of the greatest minds around the globe, from the comfort of their own home or office.

3. Campaigns

At Janison we see a campaign as a vital part of the learning experience, and work closely our client, on key content, motivational messages and expert’s insights, all throughout the delivery of our cloud learning platform.

You tell us your organisation’s specific learning interventions, and we work closely with you to deliver the program using resources to increase engagement, retention and embed the learning experience. Our campaigns are geared to improve levels of post-training behaviour, change and support business performance, and collect data to analyse and prove the impact of your learning intervention to your stakeholders.

4. Challenges and packages

Challenges are another way in which the Janison Learning Platform is gamifying the user experience. Administrators can set up challenges that offer tangible (such as points in the system) and intangible rewards (such as a gift voucher or iPad) to users.

Challenges can include:

  • being the first employee to complete the challenge
  • completing a training package
  • achieving a certain number of points in the system
  • providing feedback on a particular learning experience.

Through such rewards and by gamifying the learning environment, organisations can get key information across to staff (such as a restructure, or a new company policy) in a more organic way.

5. Dashboards

The Janison Learning Platform provides many administrative dashboards designed to answer the most common questions.

  • How many users have completed ‘X’ course?
  • How many users have logged on this week?
  • How many users are nearing non-compliance?
  • How many users are active in the system?

Our dashboards let managers quickly access this information on screen, without the need to run complex reports.

Dashboards give managers a clear visual representation of their teams’ CPD progress. Graphs present an overview of the team’s CPD progress and offer additional statistics when a manager simply hovers over the graph with their mouse cursor.

A timeline view or points view gives further information at a glance. The timeline view is an invaluable resource for managers. It instantly shows who in the team is at risk of no longer being compliant with a CPD plan, and indicates the month when they will become no longer compliant. This allows managers to make proactive decisions and guide their teams accordingly.

With the customisable built-in security and roles of the platform, managers can view the same dashboards as administrators but only see data applicable to their team.

Want to build your own dashboard? The system makes that easy, too. Administrators can use the customisable report builder and APIs to build their own dashboards – as simple or detailed as necessary.

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6. Personalisation

Our modern user interface looks less like a traditional LMS and more like your favourite social media application. Attach an image of yourself by connecting to your LinkedIn account, or easily upload an alternative. And from the moment you first log in, the content personalisation experience commences. What are your interests? Selecting an interest or several interests immediately tailors your content recommendations and learning journey.

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