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Custom and off-the-shelf content

We create targeted, custom content to suit your specific needs. Gain access to a world-class 21st century content library, curated by the top faculties.


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“Learning Bank (from Janison) really is providing an amazing opportunity for our staff to direct their personal development and to connect with others to learn, teach and share. Our staff are now enabled to take the next step in their learning journey.”

Gayle Piek, Group Head: Capability, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs at Westpac


Anywhere, anytime!

Thanks to our responsive design and mobile app, learning is available 24/7, anywhere on any device.

Instant access to 1000’s of top quality modules


We work with globally renowned partners to make sure we can offer you a carefully curated library of content that includes some of the very best e-learning courses, videos and blended programmes from top business schools, content providers and successful executives available today.

Working with one of our key partners, CrossKnowledge, who are part of the Wiley group, gives us unique access to some of the most prestigious business content on the market. Recognised as state-of-the-art in the distance learning industry for management, leadership and soft skills, the CrossKnowledge library offers tens of thousands of multilingual, e-learning content and activities designed to help build 21st Century skills.

We work with the greatest minds from the world’s leading Business Schools


Each and every title in the CrossKnowledge Library is designed and created through close collaboration with the Faculty, composed of disruptive thought-leaders and award-winning Professors from the world’s most prestigious universities and business schools across the globe.

Over 60 Faculty members share key findings from their research, essential knowledge, critical insights and valuable expertise on key business stakes ranging from Leadership to Lean Management. With a global reach available in 17 languages, content is localised to ensure perfect relevance for local markets.

To prepare 21st-century organisations to succeed in an ever-changing world, the Library and Faculty reflect today’s trends and address today’s issues, with new titles appearing every month.

Explore the Cross Knowledge faculty.

We help you build these 21st Century Skills



Complementary formats to foster engagement, retention and action


Custom Content – the way you want it.

Working with your needs and budget, we have a mix of approaches to create content at the level and depth you want.



You supply the content and audio/script. We animate and package it up. Perfect for short, sharp and just in time learning.



A more in-depth module, with interactables and quizzes. Suited for complex subjects, and improves knowledge retention.



On top of being Interactive, we’ll add video with professional actors to ensure your content is engaging as possible.

How would your team perform after 1000’s of hours of extra learning?


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We are at the forefront of innovation in the development and delivery of award-winning learning and assessment technologies that improve the performance of organisations and the learning experiences of employees and students, around the globe.



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