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A partner success story – 500,000 users and growing!

One of Janison’s longest-serving business partners – Canopi – recently recorded signing up its 500,000 elearning user, a significant achievement and one certainly worth noting.

Canopi is an Australian elearning specialist that’s been offering LMS hosting (using Janison’s LMS and Cloud Learning System or CLS) and content development solutions for 15 years.

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Training Australia’s real estate professionals

Property is big business, not just in Australia, but in most countries around the world. And it makes sense really, humans have only a few requirements to ensure the survival of our species and that is water, food, sunlight and shelter. There are more I haven’t mentioned, but you get the gist.

This obvious truth makes the business of property – or real estate – a big deal that touches all of us in some way. In Australia you either board, rent or own, or ‘rent to own’ which is an evolving trend. And from this premise, most of us would have a ‘real estate agent’ story to tell, or two… or many!

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