Q. How does Janison partner with Primary Ethics to provide the community with the knowledge and resources to run ethic programs for primary school children across NSW?

A. We assist in providing a flexible, agile platform for online training for volunteers.

In 2010, the NSW not-for-profit organisation Primary Ethics approached Janison for help in its mission to equip communities with the knowledge and resources to run ethics programs for primary school children.

Primary Ethics trains volunteers to deliver ethics classes to children across NSW.

It is a considerable task. A handful of staff coordinates 2,400 volunteers who fill a number of roles in delivering ethics education to 36,500 primary students. They include teachers, ethics coordinators and regional managers who work to establish and maintain ethics programs in schools, and a classroom support team that offers mentoring support to teachers.

The complexity of the volunteer team means any learning platform needs to go beyond a one-size-fits all approach, and offer the ability to customise according to the user’s role and the stage of their volunteering career. As well as being able to access and deliver the curriculum, volunteers must also hold compliance certificates.

Our solution

Janison ran a pilot program of its Learning Management System (LMS) for Primary Ethics in 2010.  It was a success and since 2011, the Janison LMS plays a critical role in Primary Ethics’s delivery of online training, compliance, authorisation and reporting. It improves volunteer training, (from induction through to CPD) and authorisation processes, as well as improving the delivery of teaching materials used in ethics classes.

In the ethics classes, children learn to consider ethical issues, to talk with others, to think things through and to make well-reasoned decisions. The curriculum itself and its accompanying resources provide stories, scenarios, images and questions designed to stimulate children to discuss ethical issues.

The result

An independent review of the Primary Ethics curriculum (conducted in 2015 and released in 2017) found it to be of high quality, and praised the organisation’s robust training and authorisation processes. Janison’s systems and ongoing support have been foundational in achieving this result and continuing to ensure the strength of the program.

A Primary Ethics spokesman said: “Janison helps us ensure volunteers undertake online child protection awareness training, and have current Working With Children and national crime check compliance certificates. We also use Janison to deliver curriculum modules to teachers to use in their school classes. It’s given us control and comfort over systems that were a nightmare before we began using Janison.”

Through its support of Primary Ethics, Janison is helping children develop skills for life.

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Statistics and Key Milestones

36,500 primary school students currently being taught ethics
799 new ethics teachers have been trained by Primary Ethics since 2016
More than 450 NSW schools are carrying out a Primary Ethics program

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