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NSW Department of Education

“We are delighted with the results. Janison are great to work with and are really leading innovation in this space. The online environment provides opportunities to assess a broader range of syllabus outcomes. The test environment provides better access for students. Teachers have reported that student engagement levels are considerably improved.” -Eric Jamieson, NSW Department of Education

NSW DOE’s VALID program is a win for students and teachers


The Challenge

DOE NSW had a need to transform the annual science test for the state’s Year 8 students from a paper-based test to an online multimedia assessment program. This would enable time efficient reporting and quality cohort level data to be fed back into school planning and form part of a holistic view of student progress.

The Business

The Validation of Assessment 4 Learning and Individual Development (VALID) program is providing online end-of-stage assessments for the Science KLA. VALID replaces the Essential Secondary Science Assessment (ESSA). Three assessments will be delivered: VALID Science and Technology 6, VALID Science 8 and VALID Science 10.

VALID will provide:


The Project

When it was piloted in 2010 on the Janison CLS, nearly 40,000 students from 650 schools took the test online in a single day. It was the first time a standardised, state-wide practical test had ever been undertaken online. Since then, it has grown year-by-year, winning many accolades along the way. Over 100,000 children sat the test in 2015. The committed and talented people at NSW DOE have a focus each year on making the test better than the last. The high engagement levels of the students that love taking the test are a testament to their hard work paying off. In 2015, DOE worked with BOSTES to include Marker training for teachers, which contributed to their CPD points, making this project a win for everyone involved.

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