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Curtin University

Curtin University

The Curtin University Assessment Centre uses the Janison CLS to deliver invigilated tests to students. A key requirement when choosing a new eAssessment system was to identify a vendor that could build a custom bookings system, so they could maintain the level and type of service that they have provided to the university community over the past 30 years.

Dr Connie Price, Manager of Assessment at Curtin University said, “From the start of the project we worked closely with Janison to develop the system spec and to configure the CLS to meet our needs. We had flexibility throughout the development process, so were able to identify what worked or didn’t work and from there and to make enhancements.”

“The automated booking feature is an example of this. Mirroring our previous system the booking system in the CLS gives students a certain amount of time to select a test slot within the testing period, once that time has lapsed a booking slot is assigned to them. This ensures that every student has a test slot and doesn’t miss the opportunity to take the test. With the old system, we were inundated with last minute arrivals without bookings and the challenges that arose with trying to get testing done with fixed resources of time and computers. We now have several parameters that we can adjust to fine-tune the booking and delivery process to optimise resource utilisation while maintaining the flexibility that students desire.”

“In the future, we are looking to work with Janison on some of the other issues that we face with eAssessment in the 21st century. These include testing students who are not able to come to the Assessment Centre while still being able to adequately authenticate and monitor the assessment. This will likely involve capturing what the student does during the assessment, not just the outcome pass/fail.”

“We are also interested in learning analytics so we need a system that is capable of capturing rich data. There’s a huge opportunity to tap into this using the existing reporting functionality of the Janison CLS. I have every confidence that the Janison development team will be able to take these ideas and implement them into the system to meet our needs.”

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