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Collaborative Assessment Alliance

Collaborative Assessment Alliance

The Collaborative Assessment Alliance exists to extend the research and outcomes of Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills project and other work in this area, particularly in the area of design, creation and deployment of collaborative online assessment tasks.

Collaborative Impact, responsible for the day-to-day management of the Alliance states, “We work with state and national Governments and other organisations around the world to develop innovative and forward-thinking methods of digital formative assessment of Deep Learning skills. Countries are collaboratively building these assessments with us so they can develop greater capacity in the development, testing and deployment of these types of assessments. It really is the leading-edge of assessment design and delivery.”

Janison’s role within the Alliance is to lead the development of the technology necessary to assess students through collaborative tasks. Students are automatically partnered together and work together to solve a common problem. Typically, one student will control part of an interactive stimulus while the other student will control another part. The results of the student’s actions appear live to their partner and they communicate through chat to co-ordinate their activities. The Janison CLS provides a platform to design and deliver these tasks. The system is also capable of assessing the students’ activities against a marking rubric and determining the level of skills that each student has demonstrated. The system can automatically translate chat exchanges so that students from all over the world can work together.

“This is an exciting use of digital assessment to do something that extends far beyond what would be possible using traditional paper methods. The Janison CLS platform allows us to quickly build, test and refine assessment tasks with teachers. Janison are really helping to move the technical agenda along in significant ways. They’re changing the landscape in assessment.”

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