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Business Development Manager, Certified Scrum Master. My goal is to help organisations realise the benefits of online exams.

Learning Plans are coming to CLS

Learning Plans are becoming an increasingly important feature of learning management systems. So what are Learning Plans in a nutshell? It is a digital document that records:

  • Career and professional goals
  • Learning objectives of an individual
  • Planned activities to meet these learning objectives
  • Competency standards to which those learning objectives relate
  • Target and achieved dates for learning objectives

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Going solar!

Cast your mind back to around 2008’ish… this was a time when Australia started to catch ‘solar fever’. Throughout the following years – State by State – households, schools and businesses jumped on the feed-in tariff bandwagon and put solar panels on roofs and claimed incentives on offer.

The solar charge that swept through the nation for the next five or so years was a seismic shift in terms of how many Australians consumed energy. Surprisingly, the switch to a greener form of electricity seemed to have little to do with environmentalism.

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The year that was, the year that will be!

Barbeques are on sale, Australian flags can be seen in car windows and the occasional Southern-Cross tattoo is proudly on display. What does it all mean? Australia Day is just around the corner. Hard to believe nearly 26 days have elapsed since we farewelled 2014.

So before the year that was is forgotten, and curiosity around the release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.11 command our attention, it’s time for us to acknowledge our milestones and high-five what we’ve achieved so far.

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