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Solving logistics and identity for Online Exams at University

Assessments are used in the Tertiary sector for formative and summative purposes. The economics and student demands are increasing the pressure for the Tertiary sector to provide online exams. The cost of Assessment can be ~$50 per high-stakes test per student, equating in a cost of $287 million dollars to the sector in Australia alone*.

The potential cost saving for a typical 50,000 person University are $6 million dollars per annum.**

Schools are responding to these economic pressures and exams are shifting online with NAPLAN Online in 2018, and the State-accreditation bodies stating to move for budget approval.

What will school leavers expect from Tertiary institutions after having already used computers for exams for a number of years? It won’t be a pencil and piece of paper.

Before Tertiary can embrace Online Assessments, Australia’s leading Universities identified two key challenges: logistics and identity. Here’s what Janison is doing to tackle these head on.

How do you manage logistics?

When planning for a digital exam, you want a solution that can meet your needs for resiliency, security and bandwidth. For the NAPLAN Online project, we’re building three options: Online, School Server and USB technology. In this way, schools and University campuses can opt for the solution that best meets their level of readiness.



The online solution requires a reliable internet connection and the use of a lock-down browser. This can be done on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and Android tablet.

School Server

School Server

The School Server solution runs a Deployed Application on a server within the local network of the school. This can be via installation on a physical hardware or on a virtual machine. The school server is capable of delivering tests with no Internet connectivity. Afterwards, test attempts can be uploaded to the central server.



The USB solution is self-contained, designed to run on a Windows computer with no internet nor local network connectivity. Some installation is required, all school, test, student information, and student test attempts will remain stored on the USB drive.

We are extending on the above to develop hybrid solution of software and hardware. Janison physical mobile Exam Appliances can be setup in any location, which will provide a local high-density WiFi access point. Student devices connect will to the appliance via a mesh network. With battery backups and optional 3G/4G connectivity, this can convert even the most unlikely venue into a digitally-ready Exam Centre. These four options provide a broad range of delivery options to meet the unique challenges of Universities.


How do you manage identity?


The critical challenge in this decade for all institutions is ensuring that the identity of the person who is being assessed is the same as the person receiving the accreditation. This important issue is prevalent across essays, submissions, course work and exams.

Janison is conducting research and development in this area that allows institutions to improve their confidence in identity Forms of identity factors that can be developed include:

  • Facial recognition – Did you know algorithms have been shown to exceed human ability in terms of recognition? We’re keen to help Universities reduce any margin of error during the exam registration process.
  • Voice recognition.
  • Fingerprint biometrics – We are working with hardware partners such as Google to ensure we can integrate with the next generation of devices fingerprint capabilities as part of the authentication process of gaining access to an exam.
  • Typing signatures.
  • Editing and creative writing signatures.


What are your University’s next steps?


Open the discussion

Talk to us about your university’s unique challenges and opportunities. We’ll help you identify the approaches that help you realise business value sooner.

Request a demo

After identifying the features and needs that matter most to you, we can tailor a presentation that matches your context so you can make better decisions on what next. One size doesn’t fit all here.

Run a pilot

The fastest way to learn, is to do. We’re helping organisations run pilot programs so they can see first-hand how online exams will work in their environment. We then work with you to scale up when you’re ready.

Talk to us about your goals.


*Based on $50 per test, 8 exams per year per student, 718,679 students taking Bachelor Degree in 2015, as per
**Based on $50 per test, 8 exams per year per student, 30% savings in end-to-end costs.

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