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Training Australia’s real estate professionals

Property is big business, not just in Australia, but in most countries around the world. And it makes sense really, humans have only a few requirements to ensure the survival of our species and that is water, food, sunlight and shelter. There are more I haven’t mentioned, but you get the gist.

This obvious truth makes the business of property – or real estate – a big deal that touches all of us in some way. In Australia you either board, rent or own, or ‘rent to own’ which is an evolving trend. And from this premise, most of us would have a ‘real estate agent’ story to tell, or two… or many!

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Who protects us in this high stakes game of bricks and mortar?
  • What measures exist to ensure property managers don’t kick tenants out of rentals for no legitimate reason?
  • Who determines the code of ethics in real estate?
  • What stops a sales agent from selling your investment to a mate on the cheap?

The answer to these questions is simple… the law does, with assistance from the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). One of the functions of the REIA is to help develop guidelines and set education standards for national training packages that teach practitioners entering the real estate industry.

For real estate agents in Australia, the Real Estate Institute of Australia and all of its branch subsidiaries is the leading national professional association for the real estate sector. Its job is to advise, lobby, monitor and educate stakeholders about commercial and residential property markets in Australia.

According to the Real Estate Institute NSW (REINSW), it’s the ‘largest and most influential association of real estate professionals in NSW’. And how does REINSW act to maintain the integrity of the real estate industry in NSW? Well it does it in many ways, one way is through training.

Accredited training of practitioners ensures a ‘best practice’ standard competency and assumed level of knowledge for those wanting to become real estate salespeople. In 2014, REINSW implemented Janison’s Cloud Learning System (CLS) using courseware developed by Canopi as its new eLearning platform for theCertificate of Registration.

The four units of competency offered online are mandated by industry regulator NSW Fair Trading for entry into the real estate profession. Offering these units in an online capacity means that students can instantly enroll, pay, access and manage their learning autonomously.

There are a multitude of benefits to registered training organisations offering online learning and assessment, particularly for industries with large numbers of members scattered across different states and territories. It also gives people living in rural and remote areas the same level of access to training without being limited by location.

It’s a good feeling knowing that groups like REINSW are keeping pace with advancements in technology, particularly in the learning and assessment space. By doing this it’s creating a more equitable and accessible system for learning, ensuring best practice can be delivered at all times to everyone.

Originally published by Vanessa Lahey on 24th April, 2015.

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