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Does it really matter where your data is stored?

For most of us, the notion of data storage is somewhat a distant and ‘cloudy’ concept (pun intended). In other words, we don’t really need to give it much thought because we don’t have to deal with it at all. Well, maybe only when we’re prompted to backup our iTunes purchases!

However, for those responsible for managing data within their workplace it’s pretty big business and a major consideration. Human resources is a sector that springs to mind when thinking about instances where the secure management and storage of data is paramount.  Online learning is another area where data security is key.

Janison offers Software as a Service via its Cloud Learning System (CLS). As we have an international client-base, it’s our responsibility to protect clients’ data wherever they’re located.

Security is not the only concern; the volume of data matters. It’s difficult to visualise data in terms of size or volume, so the following example should help. One of our Australian clients has 500,000 users (learners) of the CLS – this translates to 500,000 user profiles which includes their name, address, DOB, password, gender and more – and this is just the information required to register for online access.

Once inside the CLS, the amount of data increases exponentially. Enrolments, progress records, discussion forums, requests for Manager approval; all these data objects add up. It extends to innumerable rows of data, billions of rows in fact. And all of this information requires 24/7 access, storage and protection.

Thus the safe storage and fast delivery of data is treated as a core function of our business model. Which is why Janison opted to partner with Microsoft Azure, a partnership that was forged at the very beginning of Azure’s Australian journey. In 2014, Janison was chosen as Microsoft Australia’s launch partner for the Azure Cloud Platform.

Aside from the indelibility of the brand and the confidence it gives the customer (us and you), Azure as Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)are possibly Microsoft’s most important contributions to fenceless, secure and scalable technology.

Azure uses a software-defined infrastructure model, where resilient software can instantly migrate workloads to alternate servers or even different datacenters. This global footprint enables multinational organisations to store sovereign data in the country they’re operating from, while making it available across the board.

Thanks to Azure, Microsoft can deploy fast security updates, be instantly responsive to data attacks and closely monitor privacy. All data that moves between Azure and the customer is encrypted en-route. Microsoft Azure is present in Microsoft’s aim is to protect its customers and their data.

Based on research conducted by Forrester Research in 2014, the estimated growth in data was forecast to be between 25 to 50 per cent year on year. Following are some interesting facts it uncovered about data and storage:

  • 67 per cent of tech organisations surveyed plan to outsource their datacentre in the future.
  • Datacentre budgets will grow year on year with most organisations surveyed stating the expected increase would be between 5 to 10 per cent.
  • In Europe the biggest factor determining selection of a datacentre was ‘disaster resistance’.
  • The majority of respondents said they would opt for a locally-based facility.
  • Forty-eight percent of respondents cited storage growth as a top driver for expanding their datacentre capacity.

Janison continues to harness the security and scalability offered by Microsoft Azure datacentres for the benefit of its learning and assessment clients around the world. Click here to read the ‘Janison Microsoft Azure Partner Launch’ backstory.

Originally published by Vanessa Lahey on 12th June, 2015.

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