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A partner success story – 500,000 users and growing!

One of Janison’s longest-serving business partners – Canopi – recently recorded signing up its 500,000 elearning user, a significant achievement and one certainly worth noting.

Canopi is an Australian elearning specialist that’s been offering LMS hosting (using Janison’s LMS and Cloud Learning System or CLS) and content development solutions for 15 years.

In light of the half-million milestone, I asked company director Greg Mcloughlin-Wilden a few questions about the secrets of his company’s success in a very competitive market.

VL: So Greg I’m curious, who are these 500k users… and where do they come from?

Greg: By far the biggest slice is from the sporting industry, and among these users the majority are community coaches. Community coaches are mums and dads who put up their hands to coach a local team. We also have a large number of athletes, teachers, real estate agents, biologists and veterinarians.

VL: What’s the secret to keeping your client’s engaged – or retaining clients – given the industry’s propensity for dumping incumbent LMS providers?

Greg: Taking a really keen interest in who they are and what they want to achieve. Our sole purpose is help them achieve their organisational goals. If you’re not connected to that then you’re just another vendor flogging a product.

VL: What lessons has Canopi learnt along the way regarding e-learning?

Greg: Strong business relationships and people with vision are the key to success. These are the people who build the content and technology that our customers value so much. Fostering creativity is also really high on the list. Whether you’re planning a video shoot, writing a storyboard or cutting some code you are being creative. These are creative pursuits based on a vision of what we want it to be at the end. Without creative people it’s really easy to miss the mark.

VL: Looking at current industry trends, where does Canopi see e-learning going/evolving?

Greg: I think the idea of a system, course, modules and test has plateaued a bit and we should all capitalise on this stable operating environment over the next 2 -3 years. Of course we’ll keep adding more features for the benefit of clients during this time, but we can use this period to increase our customer base. The next big thing for us during this period is integrating the learning platform (CLS) with external organisational systems. After that… well that’s the stuff we dream about. Read Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age for a peak (wink wink).

VL: Are there any memorable challenges that Canopi has overcome to be where it is today?

Greg: Oh yes. Using the previous generation of LMS’s was the most stressful period for the company. You would find that if you were editing a bit of code over here, then something would break over there etc. The current generation of systems like Janison’s CLS have taken a huge amount of anxiety out of operating a learning management system. I also think trying to find the balance between a client’s dream and their budget is always hard and probably always will be, but it’s still a huge amount of fun to be involved in that process.

VL: What would you say Canopi’s core strength is?

Greg: Our charter is to share our clients’ visions.

VL: How does Canopi envision reaching 1 million users and when?

Greg: We’ll do that mainly through sports, by helping our existing customers get more out of the platform, and by adding new customers. As to when, probably late 2017 (watch this space).

Background: Janison has spent 18 years nurturing its partner network with the aim of improving the strategic approach to online learning and assessment by making the best possible tools and technologies available to our partner’s clients.

A partnership with Janison enables companies to generate new business and increase revenue opportunities by completing their portfolio of elearning services. When you become a partner with Janison you:

  • Sign-up with a technology partner where all the development is done in Australia.
  • Get to contribute to Janison’s road map.
  • Get easy access to support. Help is always on-hand, and the door is always open!

For a full list of current Partner benefits, click here.

Originally published by Vanessa Lahey on 26 May, 2015.

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