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The year that was, the year that will be!

Barbeques are on sale, Australian flags can be seen in car windows and the occasional Southern-Cross tattoo is proudly on display. What does it all mean? Australia Day is just around the corner. Hard to believe nearly 26 days have elapsed since we farewelled 2014.

So before the year that was is forgotten, and curiosity around the release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.11 command our attention, it’s time for us to acknowledge our milestones and high-five what we’ve achieved so far.

At Janison, we like to consider ourselves pioneers of online learning and assessment. A fair call given the company has been working hard at it since 1998. For the team, 2014 was a challenging year as we collectively worked on taking our Cloud Learning System (CLS) to new heights.

Five years ago, we built the CLS architecture from the ground up. Our mission has been to lead the market and provide an unsurpassed user experience. So how did we do?

CLS took major steps towards adopting and embedding QTI standards in 2014. This move would facilitate interoperability between systems, allowing the exchange of assessment content with other vendors.

Janison committed to supporting international open standards. Within just one year we’ve become a mature implementer of a very complex set of XML standards. This is also reflected in the increased variety and richness of our question interactions: the types of questions we can deliver has expanded in line with QTI standard types.

We implemented new automation frameworks and test management tools to help ensure quality. Many loyal clients using our old LMS have seen the benefits of migrating to the new CLS platform. To assist with this transition, we developed a new 23-module CLS training course. Thanks to our Client Services team for doing such a great job in this area!

Rounding off 2014s milestones: as a company we expanded by 20 new team members, opened an office in Sydney’s CBD (in addition to offices in Coffs Harbour and Melbourne) and the biggest coup of all, launched Janison Asia. As we continue to expand into Asia, our new Singapore-based office will act to support local clients.

Looking ahead, we want to stay focused on taking the CLS even further. We want to continue to provide unparalleled support for users of the CLS product – for learning and assessment. Making a positive change to how people learn is what drives us.

Cheers to 2015, the year that will be!

Originally posted by Vanessa Lahey on 18th January, 2015.

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