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New Question Types to engage your audience

Janison is always looking at new ways we can add value to the online learning and assessment space. One of the great things about going digital is the fresh new ways of engaging your Users. In version 1503 of the CLS – soon to be released – we’ve introduced new Question Types for Assessment Modules. All of the below can all be automatically marked, saving you time.

Gap Match Interaction

A Gap Match Interaction asks the student to drag text or images from a source list into gaps within the interaction body. Students can swap labels in and out until they are satisfied and submit their answer.

Gap match screenshot
View a video example on our YouTube channel (opens in new window).

Hotspot Interaction


A Hotspot Interaction asks a student to select one or more areas (or hotspots) on an image.  These hotspots are visible to the student during the test and they are highlighted when the student selects them.

You might create a hotspot question if you wanted students to choose from options that were physically spaced from each other (for example, if you wanted students to select from a range of options on a map).

Graphic Gap Match Interaction

An Graphic Gap Match Interaction is one of the most versatile interactions as it allows gaps (or ‘hotspots’) to be defined on an image (as opposed to text), and a set of source text/images to be dragged into the gaps.

Graphic Order Interaction

View a video example on our YouTube channel (opens in new window).

A Graphic Order Interaction question requires a student to drag numbers onto defined and visible hotspots on an image to indicate the correct order. The creation of this question is very similar to a hotspot question.  The main difference is that instead of defining which hotspots are correct, the order of the hotspots is assessed.

Slider Interaction

A Slider Interaction requires students to choose a correct value by dragging a slider to the correct position. Students will be presented with a control for selecting a numerical value between a lower and upper bound.

This question type has the advantage of being able to create defined numerical steps and of limiting student responses to be between boundary values.
We hope Item Authors will have a lot of fun coming up with interesting ways of using the above interactions.

Originally posted by Stuart Dalrymple on 30th March 2015.


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