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New learning portal for Australian Sport

Recently Janison and Canopi released a new version of the Australian Sports Commission website (

The new web site now utilises the Janison CLS and introduces a number of new online courses, a short preview of the Community Coaching General Principles course is provided below.


The new course updates and replaces the very successful Beginning Coaching General Course which was one of Australia’s most popular online courses with over 230,000 enrolments in it 7 years life.

After such a successful history it was time to update the curriculum and the course, so it was decided that at the same time the learning platform would be also updated to the latest product from Janison.

Greg McLoughlin-Wilden, from Canopi commented on the new course’s design and development:

The update to course and system reflects everything good about the development of these resources. Why, because the development of this course included detailed analysis and design before a single screen was cut or photo taken.

Research was done on the existing users to determine what they liked and disliked about the old course. The sporting community were asked to help review the curriculum to ensure it meets current and future education needs. Only after this extensive process was the complete was the course development started.

The instructional design and production process involved over 20 people, we filmed 40 coaches, 160 kids at 24 locations. 16 Actors where used to present key learning points and the entire process took 14 months to plan write and shoot.

The new portal will allow sports to offer the courses through their own sub-domains and report on their coaches progress and completions. New tools and services have been added to the system to improve the ways courses are delivered, tracked and managed . New content management services also help deliver rich content via CDN to the learners.

As much as possible the courses meet the W3C accessibility guidelines to the AAA level, but in some cases drops back to AA to support tools like the session planner.

All courses can be viewed across a wide range of devices, including mobile devices.

Originally published by Wayne Houlden on May 21, 2014.

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