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Learning Plans are coming to CLS

Learning Plans are becoming an increasingly important feature of learning management systems. So what are Learning Plans in a nutshell? It is a digital document that records:

  • Career and professional goals
  • Learning objectives of an individual
  • Planned activities to meet these learning objectives
  • Competency standards to which those learning objectives relate
  • Target and achieved dates for learning objectives

A Learning Plan is a living document that is updated by the Learner as their needs change and as opportunities for training and development emerge. It gives Learners a vision of what they want to achieve and how to track it.

In the Janison CLS, this is an overview of how we’ve implemented Learning Plans for a Learner in four easy steps:

Step 1 – Learner launches their Learning Plan

This can be done from the My Learning Dashboard when a Learner is enrolled in a given Learning Plan.learning-plans-4 learning-plans-1

Step 2 – Learner enters Learning Plan Entries

Catalogue Items can be searched for that match their Learning Objectives or can be added later as they come available.


Step 3 – Learner records results and completed dates:

Adding a completed date sets the status of a Learning Plan entry to ‘Completed’.


Step 4 – Learner enters Journal Entries to reflect on their learning experiences

Journal entries can contain notes, thoughts and relevant documents and certificates.


The above is just a teaser. There are loads of extra features under the hood including templates for groups of Users, multiple plans running simultaneously, strong tie-ins to the Janison CPD feature set and more. There are also future enhancements such as E-Portfolios and manager approval workflows.

Originally published by Stuart Dalrymple on 16th March, 2015.


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