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Janison CLS is now fluid – introducing Responsive UI

In version 1503, the Janison CLS will be equipped with Responsive UI… which means users can now access their learning and training from any device, on any browser using any operating system.

Which means better functionality and usability!

Below you can see an example of the new-look ‘Self Registration’ page. The fields fit nicely as appropriate to the User’s screen, you will notice the background image has been disabled on smaller devices to improve performance.

As CLS administrators using a large desktop, you’ll find the responsive UI allows you to see more data at once. Here is a quick view of the older, non-responsive UI when using Customisable Reports (note the dead-zones):


Here is the new look reports, which allows more columns on screen at once:
rseponsive-3Other UI enhancements can be seen throughout the CLS, such as new look buttons, controls and mobile-friendly menus.

We hope you’ll love the new look and enjoy using the CLS on the go!

Originally posted by Stuart Dalrymple on 23rd March 2015.

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