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Christmas has come early… Janison CLS v1407 is live!

The team at Janison has come together to get one last CLS release out the door before the holiday season. v1407 was all about polish. Making existing features easier to use and adding tweaks you’ve been asking for.

Have better Discussions, now with Notifications


These days the Internet is used loaded with communication tools; blogs, forums and social media that allow people to interact. Discussion Forums in the CLS are a feature that allows learners to chat and share ideas as part of their learning process. We realise that many of our learners are busy people and may not have time to sift through all the posts each day. They may only want to know when content relevant to them was added. Thus Notifications about new posts and replies to your posts are an essential time-saving mechanism for busy people.

So what are Discussion Forum Notifications and how do they work?

Notifications are the emails sent to the Users registered e-address. Discussion Forum Notifications (DFN’s) can be switched on and off by Administrators, and they also allow learners to have control over their own forum options. This way you only see the things you are interested in!


Ready, Set, Go! More performance improvements


We are always finding areas of the product to speed up. In particular, we’ve improved the search and sort speed of CPD Progress, Catalogue Items, Display Names. We also implemented a new architecture for serving pre-compiled client-side requests. This means a snappier CLS experience for you!

It’s never been easier to run Assessment Events in CLS


Assessment Events and Marking have had some great tweaks in 1407. Just a few of them include:

  • Assessment Events and their child entities can be deleted, resulting in cleaner Databases
  • Marking Projects have the ability to bulk mark/re-mark Test attempts
  • Bulk ‘Cancel Attempts’ gives Assessment Event Admin more control
  • Markers for Marking Projects can now self-register. Settings are available for main role, marker role, seniority. This process can be setup to require an authorization key which the CLS will generate (which Admins communicate to their Users).


There are over 20 other New Features and Improvements to the Janison CLS we simply don’t have room to list here! We send out the full details of each release via email. Interested? Email us here.

From everyone at Janison have a safe and happy holidays!

 Originally posted by Stuart Dalrymple on 22nd December, 2014.


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