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Going solar!

Cast your mind back to around 2008’ish… this was a time when Australia started to catch ‘solar fever’. Throughout the following years – State by State – households, schools and businesses jumped on the feed-in tariff bandwagon and put solar panels on roofs and claimed incentives on offer.

The solar charge that swept through the nation for the next five or so years was a seismic shift in terms of how many Australians consumed energy. Surprisingly, the switch to a greener form of electricity seemed to have little to do with environmentalism.


The main motivation was a cornucopia of State and Federal Government grants and rebates being handed out, and the promise of cheaper electricity bills. Regardless of the reason behind the adoption of solar power in Australia, it was a quantum leap for renewable energy.

Solar energy is now a regular source of ‘additional’ power for many dwellings and buildings around the country, and the sight of black paneled roofs is a commonplace feature. Janison joined the renewable fray in July 2013, when it had 84 solar panels installed on the roof of its headquarters in Coffs Harbour.

If you’ve ever stopped to wonder how efficient solar power really is in terms of cost saving measures, you might be interested in these statistics. For the 2014 calendar year, Janison’s solar panels produced 35,010 kilowatts of energy. Of that energy, the building consumed 87.3 per cent and exported 12.7 per cent back to the grid.

In simpler terms, the solar system provides the business with 1/3 of its annual energy requirements and will have paid for itself in less than four years. Which, according to Geoff Tosio, Renewable Energy Consultant at Bellingen Solar Depot, is a fantastic result.

“In early 2013 we approached Janison about a solar project for the Coffs Harbour office and were impressed by the CEO’s technical knowledge of solar products and his desire to make a difference regarding the company’s carbon footprint and educating staff about energy efficiency measures,” Mr Tosio said.

“After a year and a half the system is performing well and providing a fast return on Janison’s investment.”

Originally posted by Vanessa Lahey on 9th March, 2015.

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