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Janison CLS version 1406 is live!

At Janison we’re proud of how our CLS product is evolving and plan to celebrate new Releases on our blog from now on. Last month we launched Janison CLS v1406. Here are some of the highlights:

Assignments have had a makeover

Competencies can be awarded based on Assignments, with Learners having the ability to select which competencies they’re applying for. Assignments can record a review date and be submitted to Markers for Review (in addition to being submitted for Marking). Marking of Assignments has had various UI and workflow enhancements. Learners can be sent notifications of their results.


 Want better control over how you author content? You got it.

Questions, Tests, Resources and Stimuli can now have different workflows. This means different Users can be setup to do different activities in the CLS. An Item Author User might design an Item, submit it to a Content Reviewer, have it commented on and approved by Management before it is added to a Test.


Custom Reports are now better than ever.

We’ve added the ability to order the columns on reports for readability. The Reports API can be used to retrieve session information for each user. This can potentially be used to automatically update Exchange calendars. We’ve added extra sharing options to customisable reports. There are now additional fields for the User entity, including the User’s extra role names, extra role scopes, whether the account is locked and the date of the last password change. Finally, Users with permissions over their own Role are able to report on their own progress or User Account using customizable reports API.


Now that v1406 is out the door, we’ve knuckled down to complete one more major release before the end of 2014. Stay tuned for more details next month!

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Originally published by Stuart Dalrymple on 9th November, 2014.

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